Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Can I rent out my manufactured home?

Sometimes. A residential park home is a residential unit and the park license conditions will generally not permit sub-letting. Check with your park manager on the park rules for this.




 02  Can I have pets?

Community rules vary by location. Some will allow small pets and some are strictly no pets. Check your community rules or ask your community manager. 




 03  Who do I pay for my mortgage payment, rent and lot rent to?

All payments should be paid to your community manager. Do not mail them to the corporate office. If you are purchasing a home from Capital Funding Corp, your payment for the home should be made payable to Capital Funding. If you are renting a home from Capital Funding Corp., your payment should be made out to Capital Funding. Your lot rent should be made payable to the park, along with your utilities if it is billed by the community. 




 04  What do I do if I am late on my mortgage, rent or lot rent?

Talk to your community manager. There will be late fees if you are late. Most communities have a grace period before you are considered late. 




 05  What do I do if I have a complaint to file?

If you have a complaint about one of our communities, please fill out the Complaint Affidavit Form. If you would rather fax or mail your complaint in: Fax 763-545-4260 Mail: 9800 Shelard Parkway, Suite 104, Plymouth MN 55441